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Kumo (Screenshot) Terminus 6

The powerhouse cure for data remanence, Terminus, in its sixth major release. Professional power that anyone can use. Comply with just about any regulation or standard there is - from military standards like DoD 5220.22-M to legal standards like HIPAA - with a single product. Surprising speed, unrivaled features, and a purchase price that makes even the most hardcore beancounter happy.

Leave No Traces.

Terminus 6 Supports All 32/64-bit Versions Of Windows One set of executables, all modern (and not-so-modern) versions of Windows™. From Windows 95 to the latest releases, Vista and Windows 7, whether 32-bit or 64, Terminus has you covered.

What is Terminus? | Features | Screenshots | Pricing & Ordering | Download



Kumo (Screenshot) Kumo

Enterprise-level, scalable, modular content management with top-notch security and a price point that won't leave you on the wrong side of the accounting department's ROI tables. We've used it for years in our website development projects. In fact, you're using it now - Kumo powers this website!

What is Kumo? | Features | Screenshots | Pricing & Ordering | Download



Kumo (Screenshot) Custom LED Lighting R&D

LED technology is challenging both incandescent and fluorescent technologies - nowhere near as much wasted energy or hazardous chemicals, much greater lifespan, much better survivability in adverse environments (e.g., resistance to vibration) - but working with LEDs is a challenge unto itself. Multiple disciplines come into play: optics, electronics, embedded design and the software to make embedded microcontrollers work, and more.

Let us pit our 15 years of expertise on LED lighting system design against your design challenges, and help you bring your ideas to light.



Kumo (Screenshot) Website Design

EFW started as a web development company, and we've kept those skills sharp. If you need a web presence, or consulting on your existing presence, we can help!



Server-Side Software Development

We not only design websites, we create back-end code for websites as well. Our extensive expertise in multiple server side languages ensures our ability to provide solutions to complex server-side projects, even if those span disparate technologies and platforms.



Consulting Services

We consult on many subjects relating to IT, information security, and computing in general, in addition to our work with LED lighting systems. We even consult on microcontroller-based embedded systems, which are common in LED devices. What solutions to your biggest challenges can we help you discover?



Custom Software Development

Need a small task-specific application in a hurry? Don't want to deal with hassles like "DLL Hell?" We can help!



Technical Writing & Documentation

Our team of technical writers can convert your most disorganized document stack into usable technical manuals. We can also build documentation directly from source code. If you need anything from a basic installation instructional sheet to a thousand-page reference manual, we can make it happen.


EFW is a Contributing Member of the Organization of Independent Software Vendors.

Organization of Independent Software Vendors

EFW is a member of Software Industry Professionals.

Organization of Independent Software Vendors


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