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Gov't. Procurement Information

EFW caters to everyone from individual buyers to purchasing personnel for corporations and agencies.

NOTE: If you need specific vendor information, please contact EFW to get the answers to your questions.


Important Numbers & Designations

Business name & mailing address:
Electronic Fantasy World
13740 Hwy. 20
Niceville, FL 32578-8316

Phone/Fax: See Note.

* Note: EFW is a VERY small company. We do not currently have a call center and thus are not equipped for support via telephone. We are, however, set up for E-mail and online support as the overwhelming majority of our customers have ready access to the Internet.

Primary SIC code: 7371
Primary NAICS: 541511
D&B DUNS: 96-972-3709
Bus. Size/Type: Small Business, independantly owned/operated, sole proprietorship
Federal Tax ID: Available on request.
Payment Terms: Cash, check (personal/business), money order, credit card, purchase orders (net 30)
Employee count (all offices): Less than 50


EFW: The Company

EFW is officially classified as a "small business," as defined by the U.S. Small Business Administration. Annual sales are less than $2 million (U.S.). The company employs one person full-time, several people part-time, and maintains outsourcing contracts with a number of specialist firms.

EFW is based in northwest Florida, and has been in existence since 1996. EFW was, and still is, a privately-owned sole proprietorship, with its founder still owning the company.


Corp./Gov't Procurement

EFW is listed as a vendor in the Central Contractor Registration database, as required by the U.S. Dept. of Defense. EFW is working on setting up EDI-based procurement processing for electronic purchasing, but as of the time of this writing EDI has not yet been implemented.

EFW accepts and immediately processes purchase orders from companies of most any size (so long as these have acceptable D&B ratings, etc.), government agencies, and military installations - simply send a purchase order and get registrations via E-mail within 2 business days. Standard terms for POs are net 30, based on calendar dates, starting with the first day of the first month that follows date of receipt of the PO.