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EFW isn't just a commercial software house. We're a part off the greater software community. Since we received freely the friuts of the labor of others, it is only fair that we in turn give some of the fruits of our labor freely. To that end, here's some freeware and open-source software you may find worthwhile...

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RDA: Windows Raw Disk Access made simple

RDA makes direct, low-level, byte-precise reads and writes to mass-storage devices easy. No need to have to deal with DOS interrupt calls or any such nonsense - RDA takes care of all the behind-the-scenes work for you. RDA also handles the variations in access methods needed by different Windows versions. RDA can read from or write to any specific sector on a logical drive.

And if that's not easy enough, there's even a nonvisual frontend component that makes RDA appallingly easy to use - pick drive/first sector/how many sectors to read, call one procedure to perform the actual read, read data from a property.

RDA is based on and inspired by a Delphi unit file called VWIN32, written by Geir Wikran, and incorporates portions of VWIN32 directly. As such, RDA is released under the same licensing terms as VWIN32 - free for personal or commercial use as long as the source itself is never sold or misrepresented.

NEW to RDA 1.1 - Upgraded to 64-bit pointers throughout. Now RDA can reach beyond the limit of a 32-bit address system to support partitions larger than 4GB in size.

PLEASE NOTE: The RDA distribution includes a demo application which requires the TMPHexEditor/TMPHexEditorEx components package by Markus Stephany. This package is available from http://www.mirkes.de/en/delphi/vcls/hexedit.php.

Download RDA 1.1 and a demo application now - 375KB ZIP file