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Kumo Screenshots

We don't have very many screenshots for Kumo since we don't need many - you're using Kumo right now, so you can already see what can be done with Kumo from the visitor's perspective.

Instead, we'll show a few screenshots of parts of Kumo visitors normally don't see...


Let's start with the Kumo Management Console. Kumo gives administrators so much control over its operation that it's actually somewhat ridiculous, and all of it comes courtesy of a comprehensive Web-based console.

Kumo Management Console


When a user logs into an account with administrator or author access (and has ownership of the page if they have author access), Kumo can be configured to display its in-place editor.

Kumo's In-Place Editor Links

Clicking the Textbox Editor link switches out the page content for a textbox with the page content within as raw HTML. If you make and save changes to page-content HTML the live page changes immediately to reflect the editing.

Kumo's In-Place Editor (Textbox)


When we say that Kumo gives you maximum control over your Kumo-powered website, we're not kidding: literally everything about your site is stored in Kumo's database, and you can edit any of it at any time.

Kumo's HTML Editors


(FYI: This page was built entirely using Kumo's In-Place Editor running in WYSIWYG mode using the XStandard XHTML Editor.)