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What is Kumo?

Kumo (the Japanese word for "spider") is EFW's latest product - a powerhouse Web content-management system that converts a whole bunch of database entries into usable webpages, on-the-fly. We started working on Kumo back in 2003 (so, yes, we were using the name "Kumo" before Microsoft used it as the codename for Bing!), and since then it's evolved into one of the most feature-rich CMSs ever made.

You may be asking, "there are a lot of CMSs out there, many of them free. Why should I consider a commercial product like Kumo over one of these others?"

Kumo is designed to act as not only a full-featured website "engine." It was also designed to act as middleware for corporate intrawebs, and as such, brings features not normally seen on free CMSs. Most notable on this list is security - Kumo was designed with security as a major requirement, not an afterthought, and as a result Kumo is one of the most bulletproof CMSs out there. Kumo is modular, easily extensible, comes with a ton of integrated features, and gives you total control over page generation without having to mess around with themes.

If you would like to take Kumo for a test drive, just use this site - versions of Kumo have powered the EFW website for the last six years!