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Custom LED Lighting R&D

LED technology is challenging both incandescent and fluorescent technologies - nowhere near as much wasted energy or hazardous chemicals, much greater lifespan, much better survivability in adverse environments (e.g., resistance to vibration) - but working with LEDs is a challenge unto itself. Multiple disciplines come into play: optics, electronics, embedded design and the software to make embedded microcontrollers work, and more.

With the modern sixth- and seventh-generation LEDs now available, LEDs can now completely replace incandescent and fluorescent lighting in many aplications. The catch is that you'll need a firm with expertise in the varied disciplines relating to practical LED application in order to make the most out of the technology. That's where we come in. EFW has been working with phosphor-layered white LEDs almost since the technology came into being in 1996, with our first foray into LED systems design hitting the market in 1997, and some of our original LED products are still in use today.

We bring a number of strengths to the table. We can source off-the-shelf optics for applications that can utilize ready-made solutions, and design custom optics systems where necessary. We can design and implement the driver electronics. We can even develop the software for a variety of popular microcontrollers for intelligent devices, in-house.

If you need something special, we can help - just tell us what you need!