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This is the suggested method of contact. E-mail is usually responded to daily by a live human.

NOTICE: Any unsolicited commercial E-mail (UCE, or "spam") sent to any EFW address will be assessed a processing fee of $1.00 per E-mail, billed to the person or entity whose products/services are advertised in the UCE.

We can be reached via E-mail at our general purpose mailbox at general (at) e-f-w (dot) com. This address is chceked by live humans throughout the day and most of the evening.

If you need support for one of our products, please use the Customer Support E-mail address instead, which is custservice (at) e-f-w (dot) com. This address is also checked by live humans.



Our primary telephone number is eight five zero, two one seven, two eight seven six. (Yes, the number was written out in long form so it would be a little more difficult to harvest.)

Please note that due to abuse from insane amounts of telemarketing (to the tune of one telemarketing call every ten to fifteen seconds at one point), all calls to our primary line are automatically passed to voicemail and screened, so be sure to leave a message with callback information.

IMPORTANT: EFW does NOT provide technical support for its products via telephone at this time. If you need technical support, please send E-mail to our Customer Service address, above.


Postal Mail

To send EFW mail the old-fashioned way, use this address:

Electronic Fantasy World
13740 Hwy. 20
Niceville, FL 32578-8316