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Or, how not to get kicked off the forums and/or thwacked with a banhammer...


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EFW Staff
Posted on 2011-06-28 10:37:14

EFW Support Forum Rules

This is a PRIVATELY OPERATED message board, and as such its usage is subject to the following terms:

1. All of the website's overall Terms & Conditions apply.

2. No unauthorized advertising. Kumo is pretty good about locking out adbots, but don't think manually-posted adverts are safe.

3. No illegal material. Discussing such material is generally acceptable, but posting it (or links to it) is not. The standard for "illegal" is whether United States laws allow a given type of material.

4. We assume no responsibility or liability for any information posted herein, or the results of the use or misuse of any such information. Caveat Lector: reader beware!

5. The moderators and administrators have full authority to police the forums and have final say over the removal of content and posters alike. Do not taunt the moderators, for you are crunchy and taste good with a little hollandaise sauce.

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There is 1 post in this thread.