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Terminus 6 Downloads

Download Terminus 6 Now by choosing one of the following:


Terminus 6 Base Installation

The base installation consists of the core components of Terminus 6. It includes full documentation and all the tools needed to perform secure data removal on practically any storage device Windows can write data to. This is also the smallest package since it doesn't include anything extra.

The base install does not include any of the optional tools and add-ons. (Most users don't need them anyway.) You can download any or all of these separately as needed.

Terminus 6 - Base Installation
5.26 MB, self-extracting installer
NOTE: Requires 20MB of free disk space.


Terminus 6 Administrator's Pack

The Administrator's Pack is the base installation (above) plus every optional add-on or extra tool available for Terminus, in a single download. This is a great package for network admins since it includes tools that the average user probably won't need.

Terminus 6 Administrator's Pack (Base install plus ALL tools)
6.47 MB, self-extracting installer
NOTE: Requires 155MB of free disk space


Terminus 6 Trial Edition CD-ROM Image

This is the biggest downloadable for of Terminus 6 - an entire CD-ROM ISO image file with Terminus 6, the Administrator's Pack, all available tools and add-ons, and the latest version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer in a file that can be burned right to a CD.

If you're grabbing a copy of Terminus 6 for your company, this is the best choice as it contains everything needed to install Terminus 6 - including operating system updates for Windows 95/98 that are included with Internet Explorer. (Windows NT users still have to get a copy of Service Pack 6 from Microsoft.)

Terminus 6 Trial Edition CD-ROM Image
94.3 MB, ISO disc image file



Terminus 6 Tools & Add-Ons

NOTE: The Terminus 6 Administrator's Pack (above) includes ALL of the following.


Terminus 6 Overwrite Methodology File Editor

The OVM File Editor is a simple tool for editing existing or creating custom overwrite methodologies for Terminus 6. It includes an import tool for Terminus 2K2 (5.x) OVM files in the INI file format as well as Terminus 6 TVM file format.

Overwrite Methodology File Editor 1.1
613 KB, self-extracting installer


Terminus 6 PinpointDestroy

PinpointDestroy is a rather unique tool - the only one of its kind, actually - that can search a drive for data to destroy and then destroy ONLY that data. PinpointDestroy does this at the sector level, and as a result ignores files data structures, and even whether the target data is in a file at all. Searches can be performed on an entire drive or on specific clusters or sectors.

PinpointDestroy is a potentially dangerous tool, and should only be downloaded by experienced users.

Terminus 6 PinpointDestroy
940 KB, self-extracting installer


RawDriveAccess Cluster Editor/Viewer Utility

RawDriveAccess is a powerful but easy-to-use disk cluster editor/viewer. It allows inspection of drives of any readable filesystem type at the cluster level, making it useful for verifying proper data destruction. RDA supports any filesystem Windows can open (CDFS, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS) and works in both NT-kernel and 9x-kernel Windows versions.

RawDriveAccess Utility 1.1
644 KB, self-extracting installer


Terminus Test File Set

The Terminus Test File Set is a series of text files of varying sizes, from 64 bytes to 100 megabytes, that can be used to test Terminus 6. Each file contains the text "Test File!" repeated throughout, making visual inspection and verification simple.

Terminus Test File Set
277 KB, ZIP-compressed archive file
NOTE: Decompresses into 138MB of test files