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Terminus 6 Screenshots

Check out the new interface for Terminus6...

Please note that these pictures are direct screen captures, and are actual size. It may cause scrolling for visitors with desktop resolution of 800x600 or lower. Also, it'll take about 45 seconds to load them all over 56k dialup.

Terminus 6 includes an auto-starting program called the Command Center. It lives in the Taskbar tray under the clock, and a simple right-click brings up this menu:

The Command Center itself looks like this:

From there (or the menu) you can access all aspects of Terminus 6.

First, let's check the overwrite methodology setting:

All looks well, so let's use DriveWiper...

A followup with SlackWiper clears out the lingering fragments...

Finally, let's destroy some files with FileWiper. Pretty easy to pick items to destroy - click "Add" or just drag them onto the list area!

Pressing CTRL-SHIFT-ALT-BACKSPACE triggers Digital Thermite:

Tapping "Y" while this window is visible triggers Digital Thermite.

All in all, Terminus 6 takes the interface introduced in Terminus 2K2 PR2 and makes it more useful. And, Terminus retains its "skinnable" interface - if you don't like the graphics or text, they can be changed!