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What Is Terminus?

So, what exactly is this "Terminus" thing, anyway?

Terminus is a high-performance, Government-grade file and directory destroyer. Terminus is fast, efficient, thorough, and easy to use. And when we say "thorough" we mean it. Capable of meeting or EASILY exceeding DoD 5220-22 M specifications for file deletion, your sensitive data can be consigned to digital oblivion to a whole new level. (Oh yeah, "fast," "efficient," and "easy to use" are all abundant as well.)

So thorough is Terminus that NO trace of a target file can be recovered. In fact, with the change of a single option, you can delete a file to such a level that not even extravagant means of data recovery such as tunneling electron microscopy or magnetic field residue tracing will yield any useful data. Terminus can be set to use newly discovered destruction methods that are effective against most current atomic-level data recovery methods, and software-level attacks don't stand a chance.

As an added plus, Terminus is aware of the latest in storage hardware, supporting huge file sizes and storage devices. Terminus can destroy ten-gigabyte archive files just as easily (albeit in more time) as it can a hundred-byte text file.

Terminus also deals with free space on fixed or removable drives with Terminus DriveWiper. Although it takes a while to process larger amounts of free space on hard drives (we recommend running DriveWiper overnight), the result is worth it: NO TRACES OF DATA IN UNALLOCATED SPACE! Great for eliminating fragments of previously deleted files. And its complement, SlackWiper, takes care of data fragments lurking in the slack space, that space between the end of a file and the end of the last cluster of drive space the file uses. Between the two, no data fragments will remain anywhere.

Terminus can adapt to suit your environment, with switchable context menus for right-click simplicity, a Desktop icon for drag-and-drop destruction of files or entire directories, password protection to help prevent unauthorized use, and Send To capability for another avenue to right-click things into digital oblivion. All of Terminus' extensive options can be controlled from a component called Options Control. AutoProcess makes routine sensitive data removal in known locations on drives a no-brainer with automatic processing by filename matching, which is great for emptying browser caches and temp directories. Coupling AutoProcess with Terminus' command-line/batchfile operation support makes automation of these tasks a simple operation.

And then there's network support. The network capabilities of Terminus have made it a top choice for IT professionals worldwide, as Terminus allows an administrator to destroy data with laser-like precision without having to physically visit the computer in question. Data destruction via network, without all the hassle and time required to do the same task the old-fashioned way. (The "beancounters" love Terminus as well, as the time savings make the ROI for Terminus extremely attractive.) Terminus includes other network-based features that appeal to the IT expert, such as log centralization and easy deployment.

Terminus is tested safe for FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS disk formats, so you can use it in Windows.