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About Electronic Software Distribution

Many of our products will show "electronic distribution" in their order pages.

But, what exactly is electronic distribution, anyway?

Essentially, electronic distribution is what it implies - instead of receiving a boxed copy of the software, you'll receive either the full version of the software or a registration key to unlock your existing copy via E-mail or over the World-Wide Web.

The advantages of this system are surprising:

Our typical turnaround time is less than 48 hours, and usually same-day. Plus, if you need to reinstall the software a new registration file or replacement copy of the software is an E-mail away!

Here's how the system works, in the case of Terminus 6:

  1. The customer downloads and checks out the free trial version. We will assume for this example that the customer loves it and decides to purchase a license.
  2. The customer places an order, either online via secure server or via phone.
  3. We receive the order confirmation from our order processor, verify it is a legitimate order, and store the order details in our user database.
  4. We generate a registration for the customer and wrap it in a registration tool (in Terminus' case, the Terminus Registration Assistant).
  5. We E-mail the customer instructions on how to register their installed product, and send the customer the registration tool in a separate E-mail message.
  6. The customer uses the registration tool, which "unlocks" the installed product.
  7. The customer enjoys the use of a fully licensed product!

All the above (with the exception of number one, of course) will usually happen in a 48-hour timeframe, and can happen as fast as within a single hour.